Dr.G.Jaya Gowry. M.L.,Ph.D.,

Dr.G.JayaGowry. M.L.,Ph.D.,

Principal’s Message

To be  at the helm of Government Law College Madurai in the realm of Goddess Meenakshi,  indeed is a blessing bestowed  upon me. Our institution is one of the oldest  Government Law Colleges in Tamilnadu. It also possesses the credential of being situated in the vicinity of the District Court and Madurai Bench of Madras High Court. It’s proximity to the esteemed Courts surely is a great advantage for our students as it allows them to groom early for their career in judiciary.

The brigade of faculty members in our college is ever ready to  work in unison and to combat challenges to create a befitting ambience for the promotion of sound legal studies. Our team is also well aware of the tremendous effort required to keep pace with the rapidly growing areas of the Law.

We recognize the obligation to the practising members of the bar who are our great resources as they provide us the imputes to train our students regarding the operations of the court, Hon’ble Judges of the Madras High Court Madurai Bench have always cheerfully consented to address the freshers and enlightened them concerning the challenges they need to surmount.

Advocacy skills involve several distinct arts, each of it must be studied and mastered. To import advocate skills we provide a platform to our students through  “Moot Court”  sessions.

We also enrich students experience in the college and in the world outside through our NSS programmes as we aim at a wholesome development Due attention is given to sports too. Many accolades are won by our students in the inter-college championships.

We cultivate the students an active and intelligent interest in public affairs, so that they become eminent lawyers and qualify as leaders of public opinion and eventually as great leaders.