National Service Scheme

The college provides National Service Scheme to render service to the community. It is sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Social Welfare, Government of Tamil Nadu and the T.N. Dr. Ambedkar Law University.

A programme officer who is a member of the teaching staff nominated by the principal is in charge of the scheme. Students who desire to join the scheme may register their names with the programme officer at the commencement of the academic year.

The objectives of the scheme are:

a) To work with and among the people.

b) To engage in creative and constructive social action.

c) To enhance knowledge through a confrontation with reality.

d) To put scholarship to practical use in mitigating some of the social problems.

e) To gain skills in the exercise of democratic leadership.

f) To gain skills in programme development and to promote self employment.

At present there are three units functioning in our college. Unit I for 3 years course, unit II for 5 years course, unit III for women students. Each unit is managed by a programme officer who is a full time teaching faculty.

NSS Programme Officers

1.Thiru P. Kumaran Programme Officer Unit - I
2.Thiru. J. James Jayapaul Programme Officer Unit - II
3.D. Helen Flarence Programme Officer Unit - III