1. The library functions from 10.00 a.m. to 5.45 p.m. on all working days.It is closed on saturdays,sundays,Government holidays and during vacation.

2. The first year students shall pay along with theirtuition fees the following sum towards the librarycaution deposit which will be refunded at the time of leaving the college after clearing library dues,if any.

(a) I M.L. Rs. 1000/-

(b) I B.A.B.L. Rs. 300/-

(c) I B.L. Rs. 300/-

3. All the students of the college are entitled to use the library.

4. There shall be a Library Committee consisting ofPrincipal as chairman and such other memebers nominated from the teaching staff by the principal to look after the library.

5. The library consists of four sections.

(i) Reference section

(ii) Lending section

(iii) Book Bank and

(iv) M.L. section

6. Identity cards will be issued to the students on the production of first term fee receipt. They must affix their recent stamp size photograph on it and obtain the principal’s signature and office seal.They must give their native address in full. They shall submit the identity card to the library whenever required for getting library ticket.

7. Duplicate identity card will be issued to the student on payment of Rs.50/- (Fifty only) and the same may be collected from the librarian after 15 days from the date of application in this regard.


1.Encyclopedia,dictionaries,lawlexicons,rare copies of law books, reports, periodical etc. are kept in this section.They can only be referred within the library and hence they are not subject to lending.The borrowals made from this section should be returned to the library staff before leaving the library.

2.Books,periodicals and law reports in this section may be borrowed for consultation after entering in the reference register and after exchange of studentidentity card for the book with the ‘ ReferenceAssistant’. But they shall not be removed out of the section without the express permission of the principal.The borrower shall return the Books,periodicals and law reports to the reference assistant in the reference section before leaving the room and collect back the student identity card.


1.Each student will be given an identification card on which he has to affix his photo which is to be attested. He is entitled to two tickets only.

2.A book will be lent only in exchange of the borrower’s ticket which will be handed back to him when here turns the book.If the book is returned after the due date,the ticket will be handed back only after the overdue charge is paid

3.Application for books in the prescribed formcontaining the name of the author, title of the book, the name of the student and date, be filed in therespective pinfiles before 11-15 a.m. by the morning session students and 3-15 p.m by the afternoon session students on the day the books are wanted. These applicants will be given their books from 12.30 p.m to 1.30 p.m and from 4.15 p.m to 5.15 p.m. respectively.

4.To avoid disappointment in getting the books applied for, students are advised to write on the back of their application form, the name of two or more alternative books required by them in the order of preference.

5.Books should be returned on or before the due date before 11.15 a.m. and 3.15 p.m. by the morning and afternoon session students respectively.

6.If a book falls due on a working day and remains unreturned, fine will accrue for all the working days on which the book has been detained. But if the due date happens to be a holiday for the college, it may be returned on the next working day without fine, the due date however falls in semester holidays the book shall be returned before such holidays. Due charges at the rate Rs.2/- per book per day will be levied if the book is not returned on the last working day of the each semester.

7.Books in this section may be borrowed for a period of two weeks and shall be returned on the date marked on the date slip in the front page of the book.On default of punctual return of books on the due dates, overdue charge at the rate of Rs.2/- (w.e.f.2003 - 04) per day will be levied on each book.

8.A student against whom any fine or other charges are outstanding will not be permitted to borrow books from the library till the arrears have been paid.

9.Absence from the college will not ordinarily be admitted as an excuse for delay in return of books.

10.On no account, the students are permitted to borrow books on the tickets of other students.

11.Students are prohibited from sub-lending the books.

12.Books may be renewed for a further period of one fortnight, provided

(i) The renewal application is made two days before due date.

(ii) No other student has applied for the book in the meantime.

13.Marking, underlining or tearing of books are forbidden.

14.The borrower before leaving the counter must satisfy himself as to whether the book lent out is in good condition and any damage to the book should be immediately reported to the librarian, failing which he will be held responsible for the replacement of the book by a good copy.

15.If a book is lost, the student is liable to be called upon to replace the book by a good copy or he shall pay five times the cost of books.

16.When a particular volume or set of books is lost or damaged the student should replace the volume or pay the value of the whole set.

17.The library tickets shall be surrendered to the librarian clearing dues, if any, at the end of the term or at the time of leaving the college whichever is earlier.All the tickets which are not surrendered shall be deemed to be lost and a sum of rupees five for each ticket must be paid.

18. In case the identity card is lost, a penalty of Rs.50/- will be levied for duplicate identity card.

19. The student whose name is found on the ticket will be held responsible for all books borrowed on that ticket.

20. The principal may at his discretion deny the privilege of the college library to any student who fails to return the book in time or pay the fine or misbehaved in the library.

21. Smoking within the library premises is strictly prohibited.Those who have consumed any intoxicating substance shall not enter the library.If anyone is found to be in a drunken state in the college premises,a criminal complaint shall be lodged and disciplinary action also will be taken.

22. All library fines must be paid to the librarian before the end of the week as notified. Library books will not be issued to those who owe fines.

23. Periodicals should in no case be removed from the library.

24. Students causing any damage to any periodical shall be required to make good the loss and be subjected to further disciplinary action.

25. Strict silence and decorum should be observed in the library.

26. All the library books and the library tickets shall be returned to the library on the last working day of the academic year. If any student fail to return the books on or before the last working day, his failure will be treated as a case of misconduct and he will not be allowed to sit for university examination.

27. A student who has lost a library ticket shall make a written report to the principal.A duplicate ticket will be issued after 10 days from the date of the receipt of the report.During the period the student shall attempt to trace the lost ticket.If the ticket is not traced duplicate ticket will be issued on payment of rupees 50/- ( Fifty only).The student whose name is found on the ticket will be held responsible to all the books borrowed with that ticket.


Besides regular lending, the library is having a Book -Bank Scheme which lends text book to students in accordance with the rules and regulations framed by the principal.


1. From the academic year 2008-2009 a new section for M.L. Students has been constituted in the library.

2. This section contains both Indian and foreign law books exclusively for the post graduate course.


1. All India Reporter

2. Criminal Law Journal

3. Current Tamil Nadu Cases

4. Indian Bar Review

5. Journal of Indian Law Institute

6. Labour Law Journal

7. Madras Law Journal (Civil)

8. Madras Law Journal (Criminal)

9. Supreme Court Cases

10. Supreme Court Journal


1.Year book of legal studies

The publication of the Year book of Legal studies is one of the annual features of the department and so far 30 volumes have been published.It is part of a planned attempt to upgrade the quality of legal education in the state and the Year Book contains juristic and academic studies upon a topic contributed by judges, members of the faculty and by distinguished scholars. Back volumes can be had from the Principal, Dr. Ambedkar Govt.Law college, Chennai.

2.College Magazine

(a) The College Magazine is published annually at the end of each academic year.

(b) Magazine shall be published by an editorial committee consisting of the principal as patron and one or more editors nominated by thePrincipal from members of the faculty.

(c) The editor or if there are more than one, one of the editors shall be incharge of the accounts. A correct statement of revenue and expenditure shall be submitted to the principal at the end of each year.

(d) Nothing shall be published in the magazine without the prior approval of the editors.