The College has adequate facilities for Sports and Games. There are play grounds for all the important games.


i) The Association shall be called “Govt. Law College Athletic Association”.

ii)The object of the association shall be to promote general athletic life in the college and to control and supervise various departments of athletics.

iii) All the students of the college shall be ipso facto - members of the association and student member shall pay a subscription of Rs. 81.00 per year in advance.

iv) The affairs of the association shall be managed by a committee consisting of a President who shall be the principal, a Vice-President who shall be a member of the full-time teaching staff nominated by the principal, a staff secretary who shall be the Physical Director.

v) The captains of the different teams must belong to final year who shall be chosen annually by the Physical Director.

vi) In case there are more than one final year student for captaincy of a particular team it shall be decided on merits by the president.

vii) If no final year student is chosen for captaincy of a particular team they can be chosen from among the students belonging to the next lower classes.

viii) There shall be a Students’ Sports Secretary elected from among the captains.

ix) The functions of the association shall be :

a) to supervise the sports activities of different teams.

b) to allot money to different teams and

c) to look after the interests of the athletes and the association.

x) The quorum for any committee meeting shall be three.

xi) The Staff - Secretary (Physical Director) shall be responsible for the purchase and safe keeping of the athletic materials and generally for the conduct of the field activities of the various teams.

xii) The athletic fund shall be deposited in the bank under the Personal Deposit Account of the principal.The amount required may be drawn by the president from time to time on the advice of the vice president.

xiii)The accounts of association shall be maintained by the college office.

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