Regulation PG .

Semester Pattern:

M.L. Degree Course shall be of Semester Pattern consisting of Four Semesters, each Semester consisting of 90 working days.

The Semester Pattern is designed with continuous assessment system. The continuous assessment made for a candidate in a particular semester shall be final. If any candidate fails to complete the continuous assessment, he/she shall be permitted to redo the same internal assessment on payment of a fee of Rs.500/- in the ensuing semester.

Papers prescribed for each Semester:

In the First Semester four compulsory papers are prescribed that are common to all branches. In the Second Semester two core subjects and a paper on Practical are prescribed. Besides, an Optional Paper has to be chosen by the student from the list of subjects offered by the University. In the Third Semester three core subjects are prescribed. In the Fourth Semester one core subject paper and a Dissertation are prescribed.


In the Fourth Semester a student shall submit a Dissertation in partial fulfillment of M.L. Degree Course. The Dissertation shall be based on research on a single subject chosen in consultation with the Guide. The Dissertation shall be not less than 100 pages.

The subject of the Dissertation should be chosen at the end of the Third Semester and the Dissertation must be submitted before the last working day of the Fourth Semester. Dissertation shall carry 200 marks. Which includes 50 marks for Viva Voce. Evaluation of the Dissertation and the conduct of the Viva Voce shall be by two examiners, one internal and the other external. In the Viva Voce the student will be examined on the theme of the Dissertation.

A candidate who failed to attend the Viva Voce in the 4th Semester, shall be permitted to attend the Viva Voce in the ensuing Semester on specific recommendations of the Principal on payment of a fee of Rs. 1,000/-.

Passing Minimum:

Each paper shall carry 70% marks for written examination and 30% marks by continuous assessment. The passing minimum shall be 50% marks separately for written examination and continuous assessment.

Classification of successful candidates:

Students who have secured 60% and above shall be classified as having passed the examination in the First Class. Students who have secured more than 50% but less than 60% will be placed in the Second Class. Student who secure not less than 75% in the Aggregate shall be declared to have passed the examination with Distinction.

Students shall be eligible for ranking only if they have passed all the subjects in the first attempt within the duration of the course of two years. Where a student is absent or does not appear for the examination in all the papers prescribed for the course, on the completion of each semester will not be eligible for ranking.


A candidate is eligible to write the examination for the semester only on obtaining a minimum of 75% of the attendance prescribed for each semester.

Continuous Assessment:

Continuous assessment includes the following:

  • Teaching Exercise/Seminar : 10 Marks
  • Test Paper / Assignment : 15 Marks
  • Attendance* : 05 Marks*The marks for attendance shall be based on the following rating:
  • 75% : 2.5
  • 76% – 80% : 3.0
  • 81% – 85% : 3.5
  • 86% – 90% : 4.0
  • 91% – 95% : 4.5
  • 96% – 100% : 5.0

A candidate who failed to complete or to secure the minimum prescribed marks in internal components cannot be permitted for taking up the written examination. He/She shall be permitted to redo the same internal assessment component on payment of a fee of Rs. 500/- in the ensuing semester as one chance, provided he/she fulfills the attendance requirements.

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